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Whoosh Explore run a wide range of canoeing and kayaking adventures throughout the year.
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Book your paddling voucher for a present. paddling sessions include basic coaching to start you paddling. We also offer coaching Qualifications to develop your paddling skills including 1 star learn to paddle awards and 2 star paddling development awards.
£35 Canoe paddling session for an adult in Canoes. Half days paddling session on the River Stort
£25 Canoe paddling session for two adults in Canoe Paddling session for two adults on the River Stort from Redricks Lakes
£25 Kayak paddling session from Redricks lakes in a single person Kayak for one person

£12.50 Introduction session at Redricks lakes on a Saturday morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm paddling as part of our weekly paddling session

£85 1 Star paddling course  a series of 4 paddling sessions leading towards developing and mastering all of the paddling  requirements to completing the 1 star qualification
(One Star Assessment and certificate not included )

£90 2 Star paddling course a series of 4 paddling sessions including a capsize session and 1 paddle trail or River trip leading towards  obtaining training in all the skills to be assessed for the 2 star qualification.
(Two Star Assessment and Certificate not included. ) 

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