Pool Sessions

Paddling in the pool takes place on Saturday evenings meeting at the pool  from 3.30pm to 5.30pm at Stewards School Swimming Pool, Stewards School Harlow.

Pool sessions are suitable for beginners where you can build up your confidence in a boat and develop new paddling techniques.

Coaching  3.30pm to 5.30pm
For those looking to working on rolling skills, we can help you develop your roll in the pool.
Sessions in the pool are great for developing paddling skills and gaining confidence before paddling on the river or developing white water skills for moving water trips and rolling and development skills for Adults 
The second part of our pool session focuses on Paddling skills for adults and young people looking to develop rolling skills and support skills, . Young people are welcome to stay in the pool under the guidance of a responsible adult, coaches will be supervising paddlers developing rolling and paddling techniques in the pool.
If you would like to join us phone 01279815258, text 07788444579. 
Contact peter.nash@yahoo.co.uk for details of our next pool session.
Try rolling in your own boat , please wash out fully before bringing it into the pool.