Lockearnhead Scout Paddling

Scouts Pool Sessions 

Join our program of paddling sessions in preparation for Lockearnhead scout camp in 2018.
We are running training where scouts will be able to practice some skills and techniques prior to paddling in Scotland.
These sessions will be based on developing skills including Capsizing a kayak and methods of kayak rescue.
Sessions take place at Redricks Lakes and Stewards School Pool on Saturdays. 

Development of moving water  skills and use of a Spraydeck.

Spray decks are used by proficient paddlers and are designed to keep water out of the boat when paddling longer distances. They help keep paddlers dry and warm in the boat, but to ensure that paddlers can use them safely on paddling trips.

We like all participants to have experience of using them in a swimming pool before going on a trip.They are not essential to be worn on a paddling session but are useful for paddlers looking to undertake a day trip by kayak as they help keep paddlers safe, warm and dry.

We practice a simple technique of capsizing a boat in the swimming pool to build up confidence then build up to  wearing a spray deck in the pool 
Next we develop techniques for capsizing and releasing the spray deck so that it is easy to remove.The decks are designed so that they release when paddlers swim or pull the deck off.

Swimming and rescue skills

We plan to look at methods of swimming and emptying boats as well as developing rescue skills by knowing how to capsize and swim downstream safely in slow moving water. On a river trip there is always the potential to capsize on moving water or even on a lake. Simple safety techniques can help a paddler be rescued quickly and easily on a river or lake.

1 Star training sessions. From Easter we will be offering paddling sessions on the River stort on Saturdays for paddlers looking to gain qualifications in paddling.