Lea Valley White Water Centre



Learn to Whtewater Kayak at Lea Valley White Water centre.

We run regular white water sessions at the centre. For paddlers wanting to develop white water skills we use the legacy each week for paddle development sessions.
The Lea Valley white water centre is used for rafting and canoeing sessions and has two pumped paddling courses.
Olympic course
The Olympic course is the main area for paddling and has 3 major drops as well as stoppers and hole which are good for both rafting and Canoeing into. The water here is challenging and requires confidence to paddle well. The paddling is challenging and for an unfit paddler can quickly be quite exhausting. Not a place to sit back and let the river take control!
Legacy Paddling
The Legacy course is set up with 3 pumps and is suited to less experienced paddlers in mind but still can be fairly challenging with 3 holes and 5 drops that you need to think twice about. It has a tendency even to catch experienced paddlers of guard on occasions.The features, stoppers and holes all tend to be a bit pumpy and stoppers tend to recirculate the unwary paddler, although the course tends to settle down well once up and running, interesting the bottom of the course can catch out a new paddler, particularly when the Olympic Course gets switched on as this results in drawing water from lake at the bottom of the course. With the final 1/3rd of the course now exposed the legacy course gets a little more technical, with a stopper emerging from the bottom of the course to catch the unwary!