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What to Bring and Wear

Canoeing is a fairly wet sport so getting the right equipment for the weather conditions  will add to your enjoyment on the trip.
On hot summer days a hat is advisable along with plenty of sunscreen and shades attached with a length of cord as glasses are a desirable accessory for the river gods!
We recommend a hat, waterproof cagoule swim wear and long sleeve polyester tee shirts to avoid getting stung from nettles on the banks etc. Towards the autumn I would recommend having a light fleece layer as well.
For adventurous trips and winter paddling it is a good idea to wear some protection from the cold and have either waterproof trousers or better still a wet suit.
Bring extra dry clothes in a spare dry bag for after the journey and a change of clothes for the journey home just in case your crew tip the boat over.
Don't forget a pair of trainers or some beach shoes too particularly if you are paddling a kayak.(not flip flops)
In the summer a cool drink and in winter a flask of your favourite hot drink along with a snack are great to have with you in the boat.
What not to wear
Avoid cotton tee shirts or jeans, these tend to get very wet and heavy and unpleasant and will make you colder if you pop into the water. High heals, make up and water don't mix, unless it is waterproof !

We have a few spare waterproofs tops and trousers available, but please aim to bring your own.