U canoe

U canoe is British Canoeings new initiative to get teenagers and  young people out and paddling. 
Whoosh are paddlesport leaders in young paddlers development. We offer some great watersports sessions to get young people out paddling. Working over the winter to develop techniques like capsizing and rolling techniques we are ready to head out onto the river this spring.
U Canoe sessions are run with club leaders which are experienced and enthusiastic. We run sessions which treat our teenage paddlers as equals, with no restrictions on what they want to do, the U canoe initiative about having an adventure, develop skills developing responsibility and undertaking activities with awareness of controlled risks, like developing whitewater skills, undertaking expeditions and participating in paddling sessions with independence.
Paddling sessions  
There is always something to do at Whoosh Explore. We offer paddling taster sessions for young paddlers as well as family paddles available each day during the school holidays from Reedings Meadow.
Young paddlers are free to drop in and borrow a boat for a session at the club, then have a drink or meal at the Shed Café, a walk or bike off road round the lakes or river after your paddle. 

U Canoe Activities
Daily paddling events in school holidays available on request
Group paddling parties and.paddling sessions will learning to kayak or open boat
Activities include Canoeing and  sailing, Camp shelters and Bivi building  open fire cooking and adventure activities, We can also arrange sleep overs at the lfield or at Stylemans Campsite when booked with a paddling session.
Whoosh Explore pool sessions 
We are running regular pool sessions on a Saturday at Stewards School Swimming pool to develop paddling skills. The ability to capsize safely is a prerequisite of some of our advanced paddling sessions on white water.
U canoe Paddling sessions are available over each holiday email peter.nash@yahoo.co.uk for details.

Paddle Tours on the river 
Enjoy a days paddle on the River Stort from our base at Reedings Meadows, during the longer summer evenings we arrange group paddles from friends, youth groups and offer paddling sessions from Reedings Meadow. We can drop off or collect equipment from Pig Lane in Bishops Stortford for a group adventure on the river. 
Sessions can be organised from Reedings Meadow to Stanstead Abbots, ideal for the adventurous.

 Activities for younger paddlers 

Whoosh Explore Kids Paddling Club 
Kids paddling sessions and family paddling session available as well as training sessions for 1-2 Star. pool sessions and training. These sessions are suitable for children 9 and over.  
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