Whoosh Explore is a club that has adventure at its Heart.
We started Whoosh Explore as a Canoe Club in 2008  with the advent of having children we wanted to have a local paddling club that was close to get to and offered  our family the opportunity to paddle using great boats and equipment that where easy to paddle with families. We started off with a small fleet of Open canoes and Touring Kayaks and as our family of paddlers has grown we have introduced more adventurous boats and equipment as paddlers at the club have grown and got a taste for the sport. We now have a wide range of equipment for delivering adventures in paddlesport from White water Canoes to paddleboards for exploring the river.

Micro adventures
A sirit of adventure has always been at the centre of our paddling, we have trailers for expeditions away from the club and regularly head off to explore new rivers and paddle challenges including paddling on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and whitewater.  

Paddlesport Training and Qualifications
As Whoosh Explore has developed we have been more engaged in offering a wider choice of paddling sessions including pool sessions and have developed trained our keenest club members to help get coaching experience and NGB qualifications to help them develop coaching skills.

Specialist events
The canoe symposium to develop coaching skills and to try out the latest paddling kit and each spring we head off on expeditions to white water to develop our coaching skills and qualifications to ensure we remain passionate about canoeing coaching and having fun as a paddling team.
We encourage paddling in the local environment and are passionate about improving the local paddling environment for all to enjoy, this may be removing fishing line from trees or collecting discarded drinks bottles that occasional find there way into the local paddling water- no messages found in any yet!

Trips Abroad
Over the last couple of years our trips have become more adventurous with Whitewater trips for families and friends to France as well as paddling sessions in Wales and Scotland in both Canoes and Kayaks.We run trips and trails to experience different rivers with our 4 trailers of boats and paddling equipment which we tow to the swimming pool on a Saturday afternoon and regular tours to  local paddling spots as paddling is about having adventures.
Summer 2016 saw us head out to the Central Massiff in France for our kids first French paddling adventure on moving water with paddle trips in open boats and kayaks on the Ardeche, Cheezac and River Orb as well as coastal paddle boarding and beach adventures to discover new paddling venues.
Our autumn sessions included family bush craft training canoe poling and exploring the lakes and rivers near Bala as well as an upstream adventure for our coaching team on the river Dee, where we worked alongside other professional paddle sport coaches.