Mid Week Paddles

Pensioners paddling on river spey

This year we are looking to organise mid week paddling sessions for paddlers looking to develop skills, aimed at our paddlers  with time off mid week. This is an opportunity to develop skills and paddle on the river. For a social paddling session with a bunch of like minded paddlers. 
our mid week sessions are also ideal for older paddlers as they are organised by our team of silver surfers and so are aimed at people looking to stay active and become part of the paddling community at the club.

Enjoy a midweek paddle programme for spring with trips on the River Stort to include taster sessions for new paddlers and paddles away to other rivers for regular or proven competent paddlers.
As daylight increases in the spring we are planning some trip further away from base. 

Numbers maybe limited to the number of Kayaks/Canoes we can transport on the roofs of our cars unless the trailer can be used.